Friday, June 5, 2009

Swine Flu

Thats right swine flu right here in Provo Utah.  I guess you could call me an unconfirmed case of the swine flu.  I had a missionary come into my district with the flu and about a week later I came down with the symptoms.  I remain an unconfirmed case due to the fact that my insurance ran out the day before I got the flu, and I felt no need to go see a doctor.  Although, it would've been nice to find out for sure.  My room mates have been avoiding me to the best of their ability going so far as to carry around a spray bottle of alcohol and spraying down everything that I touch.  My room mate tried to wear a mask to sleep to avoid the germs, but found it too uncomfortable to sleep with.  The flu is since gone, and I guess you could say I survived the swine flu!  I now get the priviledge of teaching the quarantined missionaries at the MTC.  By me coming down with the swine flu I will get to bless the lives of many sick missionaries.  If you start to get a sore out because swine flu may be taking hold.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The View from on Top

It's been a long time since writting a blog entry, but since the class that required it is over I really haven'y had much desire to write.  For some reason I just felt compelled to write.  Maybe its the fact that I'm sitting here in my Comms 101 class learning about the internet in relation to mass media.  Either way I guess its time to post a new entry.  June has arrived (my favorite month) maybe its because I have my Bday this month.  But before june began I had the oppurtunity to hike mount mahogany on Memorial day.  A long hike that took us 3 hours plus to get up to the top.  only an hour and 20 minutes after my little bro and former NFL player Chad Lewis.  A few scraped knees and a sore backside later we made it.  The view was something else, and I might even admit that it was worth the time time and effort for the sense of accomplishment.  A good start to what I hope to be a great summer!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Madness

Last entry i said that I hoped to be heading to las vegas to see the Cougars play.  Well as I'm sure you saw that didn't happen, what a great disappointment!  I also hoped this was the year we'd finally see our BYU cougars advance past the first round, but instead they got obliterated by Texas A&M, and I found myself being talked down from the Kimball Tower.  Its almost as if they don't even try when they get to the big dance.  How many more years will I have to endure this?  At least the rest of the tournament has been fun to watch. My bracket has not been completely busted yet.
     March Madness is kind of like a mullet, you know business in front party in back.  School is like the business up front, unfortunately March is crunch time in school and a bunch of lame projects and papers begin to show their ugly faces.  Fortunately we have the NCAA basketball tournament to take our minds off of these terrible upcoming events.  It is comforting to know that a break is close at hand, but it sure would be nice to get some kind of spring break...Come on Cecil!  
     Oh well I doubt I will ever be that lucky during my BYU career. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well its about here...the big dance.  But, first theBYU basketball team must face the unfair MWC conference tournament held on UNLV's home court.  Seriously this is absolutely ridiculous to have the tourney each year in vegas. It should either rotate and be held at the #1 seed's home court or be played at a neutral site.  Let's take money out of the issue and uphold the integrity of the game.  No one from any other school besides UNLV wants to have to be heckled by those classless fans.  I personally don't care to hear F*** BYU all day long, and see fellow BYU fans being called out to fight.  Nevertheless its time to roll the dice in Vegas.  Let's hope for victory in a potential second round battle in the tourney.  Me and my friends attended last year, but unfortunately I won't make the whole thing this year.   But, if BYU Makes it to the final game (potentially against Utah) my friend Dave and I made a pact to drive down saturday morning to attend.  Hopefully next week I'll have a blog post about a Vegas adventure...


On this topic of life this past week was a bit crazy for my friends the Ellis'.  Last year around this time I was helping them move out here from Detroit.  We had some interesting experiences along the way, but we eventually arrived.  This year they had even more hectic times as their son Andrew was born with comlications with a virus known as CMV.  When he was born it was unsure if he would even survive.  I feel honored that they named their child after me saying that he needed a "fighter" name to pull through.  I say complications must be expected if you name your child after the most accident prone person I know.  But, he is fighting through and things are looking way better than they were.  At this point it appears that he is going to pull through this challenge.  The level of complication that he may face later in life is unsure, but I think he'll pull through.  He continues to do better each day.  Jerry and Kira-Fire Ellis are doing great in handling this challenge.  Andrew is in good hands.   

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This past week i've been plagued with a cold.  It's one of those illnesses that has been enough to be an annoyance, but not enough to give me an excuse to skip school.  It also seems like school has piled every assignment/test into this week just for my pleasure.  Life has been real busy, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been any fun.  I watched BYU suffer a close loss to UNLV, but then redeem themselves with a great comeback win at SDSU last night.  If we don't beat Utah this saturday I might withdraw from school here.  haha.  I'm looking forward to this week being over, and life getting a little bit easier.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So this pic and post may appear to be somewhat femenine, nut you'll just have to forgive me.  Not much about Valentine's day is very manly. This really was the first year that I've had to be concerned and put effort into Valentine's.  I've never had a girlfriend on Valentine's in years past.  It was actually a very good day Jourdon and myself went up to my houseand we made dinner with our friends Jake and Haylee.  Thanks to my mom everything was set up very nicely and we felt like we were wealthy for just this once.  Almost everything went perfectly minus one minor mishap at the end of the date, but that can go unmentioned. Valentine's 09 was extremely succesful.   I also had another funny thing happen to me before Valentine's. I went to get some concert tickets, and i got tix to two different shows, but as I walked out with the tickets I noticed one of the venues is a 21 and over venue.  Seeing as Jourdon is not 21 that doesn;t exactly work out, so I guess I'll have to go with my friend Dan or something.  
     Also this week blessed me with a five day weekend as opposed to my standard 4 day weekends thanks to BYU changing tuesday's classes to monday's schedule.  I should've spent some of my free time studying, but as seems to always happen to me I waited til the last second and did everything on Wednesday.